This is what was written on the postcards:


Hello. To be seen and laughed with

For everyone to have the opportunity to be responsible for themselves

To experience what it is like to be other than I am

A world full of empathy, passion and joy

I desire to make the invisible visible for all to see

Time by the sea

Now I wonder how much self-censorship I do every day

I want people to help me finish my projects

What I most desire is a long and happy life

For my mind to participate and cooperate with my ambitions


The courage to be brave, to treat others honestly, and to see a world not valuing money but humanity. To treat everyone as equals truly

Peace of mind for everyone

What I most desire is gloves when it's cold and ice cream when it's hot

To leap off the diving board

A long deep sleep

To introduce my mum, who I miss very much, to my incredible baby girl

I desire peace of mind and a cool breeze across my skin

I could do with a cup of tea

Raise your voice, sing and repeat: Freedom will certainly come


To be happy

Wealth, happiness and fulfilment

A life full of happiness

A nice cup of tea and a chocolate HobNob

To see my nephew as a 3 year old again - he looks so cute

To feel in balance with myself

Humanity is sacred and wake up tomorrow and start mending the earth

To achieve God's will and make my family proud

What I most desire is for people to invest in each other's prosperity, by giving a damn about our neighbours, locally and globally


To really really feel like I can state my opinion without fear of reprisal, or feeling stupid and wishing that I hadn't said it, and yet my face shows my true reaction


To speak my truth

The humility to be silent when all else is shouting

For everyone to stop being so fucking selfish

A life where the everyday is relatively harmonious and guiltfree so there is enough energy to spend precious time with others


Time, much more time

I work with people who are the art

Not to be asked to participate (sp) and better spelling