The Babel Choir Project is a political experiment in speech and music, developed by vocal composer

Jennifer Bell, with the support of Watershed and No Boundaries 2015.


The aim of the project is to compose music from the tones and textures of regular speech, thereby creating a harmonised choir out of any type of voice, regardless of how it sounds.


So many people feel that politics holds no interest or relevance; and like they can't join in with the discussion. A huge number of UK citizens are disempowered, politically disengaged and disenfranchised, simply because we all speak in different registers. The confident ones - by and large those with privilege - dominate discourse.


This issue runs deeper than class and education. It runs deeper than left or right or centrist ideologies. This issue is about the failure of current democracy, and the need to revolutionise the way in which we conduct our politics.


It is politically progressive to create structures that support the natural inclusion of all voices, all registers. Everyone has equal right to a valuable voice. We have technology as a ballast, so it is possible. Discord ought to be our glad challenge. In response, Jennifer Bell is creating The Babel Choir Project. She is creating an open source structure that will enable people to be included in a choir, whether they can sing or not, and say whatever they want to.  




Creating music from speech


Intentions and Process


1. To enable all people to have a musical voice within a choral piece

2. To make the contribution process fun, with a moment of synchronous speech, so that people are in a similar state of being as when singing in a choir

3. To record contriubuted speech and turn it into musical samples of pitch, texture and tone, applicable for use in composition

4. To make the process open source, so all can make music

5. To open up dialogue about political inclusion, representation and social cohesion.

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